Live and Online

Limited to 4 Composers Per Master Class. Hands-On Individualized Constructive Critique Of Your Compositions.

  • Participating composers will watch the instructor screen, following the scores, and hear the playback.

  • The instructor will discuss each score with each composer, make suggestions, edit the scores for illustration purposes, and provide constructive direction for improvements, revisions, and further submissions for review.

  • At the end of the session, participants will have access to the recording under their continuing subscriptions and the instructor will save any revisions and score comments and send back to the composer

Course Details

  1. Choose from available days and times and reserve your spot. Each spot limited to 4 composers plus instructor
  2. Pay close attention to the time zones when you schedule.
  3. Each scheduled date includes a Zoom link so that you can participate and share the instructor screen and audio. If you don't have Zoom, then you can install it (free). Click here for the link.
  4. At least one day before the scheduled class, send your music to The instructor will prepare in advance. In your email, you must indicate your name, email address, and the date and time you have reserved for.
  5. Acceptable file formats are Sibelius and MusicXML (for import into Sibelius by the instructor). Standard audio files. Sibelius users with NotePerformer need not send audio files. Send as attachments. Option is also to send your dropbox links, and
  6. Please send SHORT pieces, under 7 minutes preferred, and with limited instrumental sizes. We won't have time for lengthy pieces or large orchestral scores.
  7. Composers without notated scores cannot participate in classes.


Participating composers enjoy the benefits of monthly master classes, together with unlimited access to the Lesson Library, an incredible resource of video recordings of all prior lessons of your peers

  • Classroom environment – live individualized instruction in small groups plus student observers

  • Classroom instruction style but online with composers from around the world.

  • Learn by watching the lessons of others – just like in schools and conservatories

  • The Lesson Library - Access to all prior recorded live lessons

  • Low cost monthly subscription of only $89 per month.

  • No long term contracts